WRRI future vision is to be a world-class institute in water research and innovation. In addition, to assess national water resources in order to preserve the needs of future generations and to work with stakeholders to assess the delicate balance between water supply security and identified opportunities to improve future water resources planning guidelines. WRRI is always open to partnership opportunities and welcome anyone with interest in collaborating on a particular project, topic, or initiative.


WRRI has a mandate to conduct research program that focuses on basic and applied water resources research, training, building capacities and outreach. WRRI generates and provides scientific research, technical support toward the rational development, and management of the water resources of Egypt in support of the socio–economic advancement of the country, especially in the flash floods risk reduction, rainwater harvesting and identifying opportunities to improve future water resources planning under climate change in Egypt.


The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI)

of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI). It is located on the campus of the NWRC in El Qanater El khairiya, 25 km North of Cairo a short distance downstream the Delta Barrage overlooking Damietta Branch of the Nile More ...


The National Water Research Center (NWRC)

It is a pioneer institution for various water research activities in Egypt. It consists of twelve research institutes; basically tackling the following water resources related fields: Irrigation and Drainage, Hydraulics, Hydraulic structures and Machinery, Surface and Groundwater Hydrology,Water Quality, Costal Protection More ...

NWRC Library

National Water Research Center – Central Library

Since the early 1990s, the NWRC has established a modern Central Library (NWRC-CL). It is a dynamic resource and a continuously progressing entity that attempts to always cope with new technologies for promoting scientific research. The library focuses on providing a strong knowledgeEconmoics More ... .


The Regional Training Sector for Water Resources and Irrigation (RTSWRI)

It creates, prepares and carries out National and Regional training programs in all relevant aspects of integrated water resources management, water engineering and water-related sciences for various levels of expertise.It includes many potential that provide More ...