About WRRI

Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) is a part of the National Water Research Centre (NWRC) of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI). It was established in 1975 for the development, economics and policy making for water resources. WRRI is a leading research institute in multiple subjects such as watersheds hydrology, Nile hydrology, groundwater hydrology, water harvesting, and integrated water resources management. It has a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals (18 PhD + 15 MSc) who can offer education and training workshops, seminars, and forums to practitioners and professionals on the latest regulations, research, and best practices for watershed management in arid and semi-arid regions. In addition, WRRI manages several list serves aimed at facilitating communication among researchers, students, and professionals about topics of concern, national, regional, and local initiatives, and opportunities for jobs, funding, volunteer work, providing public comment, etc. As a part of Ministry of water resources and irrigation, WRRI helps communities in identifying watershed-based problems, develop and implement locally sustainable solutions WRRI is changing the future of the rural areas’ water resources (e.g. Sinai Peninsula) by supporting the local people (i.e. Bedouins). WRRI also promote federal and state partnerships in research and information transfer on water relates issues.

Directors of WRRI

Prof. Karima Attia | 2014 - Present

Prof. Karima Attia raised the level and scope of the research activity at the Institute by; encouraging researchers to submit proposals for research projects where most of them accepted, submit research papers in many international conferences and scientific journals. She also enhanced capacity building for researchers. Prof. Karima Attia has succeeded in establishing the principle of team work, which has helped in raising the efficiency of the work as well as raise the level of researchers. The Institute's performance in all fields was enhanced in order to achieve its objectives and perform its role in supporting the NWRC Center and the MWRI Ministry.

Prof. Sameh Sakr | 2009-2013

Prof. Sameh Sakr. He is currently the head of the groundwater sector at the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigations (MWRI)

Prof. Fathy El Gamal | 2008-2009

Prof. Fathy El Gamal took the lead for completing the institute’s mandate

Prof. Mohamed Abdel Motaleb | 2002-2008

Prof. Mohamed Abdel Motaleb. His leadership period was marked as a crucial milestone in the growth and recognition of the institution, its scope and dedication to water resources. Prof Abdel Motaleb was the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation (2013 – 2014) and now the chairperson of National Water Research Center.

Prof. Samir Farid | 1994-2002

Prof. Samir Farid continued the leadership of the Institute. during the period of major strengthening, growth, renewal, enforcement and reform

Prof. Hassan Ibrahim | 1975 - 1994

Prof. Hassan Ibrahim. He provided the leadership to the Institute during its initial years.