National Projects

WRRI obtained excellent national, regional and international recognized reputation through conducting technical consultancy services and cooperation with different agencies that have similar interests all over the world. In addition, WRRI has recently completed several projects focusing on IWRM and projects related to stakeholder engagement such as:

– List of National Projects 

  1. Studying Sahel El-Qaa area to develop 25 feddan (South Sinai);
  2. Construction of Godairat Weir, North Sinai;
  3. Protection of Taba City and its tourists’ investments;
  4. Hydrological studies for the National Strategic Road Network;
  5. Revising the technical studies for the National Strategic Road Network that was carried out by other consultants;
  6. Protection of Taba – Ras El-Naqab road against flash floods;
  7. Protection Watier international road against flash floods;
  8. Hydrological studies for floods protection works to protect El-Zabaleen area (15 May City);
  9. Evaluation of water resources in the Northern coast of Egypt (Salum-Barrani);
  10. Technical study to ensure the safety of Tura flood drain after the construction of the water pipelines that transfer the Nile water to the water purification  plant in New Cairo;
  11. Determination of groundwater potentiality for the 26 proposed locations in North and South Sinai and providing the suitable protection against flash floods;
  12. Protection of Electric line which connects Egypt with KSA;
  13. Evaluation of surface water potentiality in Golden triangular area (Qena- Safaga-El-Qsir);
  14. Preparation of Floods’ Atlas for Sinai, Aswan, Qena, and Luxor;
  15. Protection of the northern and western economic zones which includes (Sumed petroleum company, Ain-Sokhna Electric Plant, other infrastructures) against flash floods;
  16. Supporting and providing training to African countries (Sudan – South Sudan – Uganda…etc.);
  17. Improving the national plan for the rainfall and flood water harvesting in cooperation with local inhabitants and stakeholders in Sinai and (Halayeb & Shalateen);
  18. The participation in preparation of the national plan for flash flood mitigation and remediation in Egypt;
  19. Cooperation with African countries and provide consultation services in flood protection and flood water harvesting (Uganda, Mauritania, Sudan, and South Sudan);
  20. Water resources management for the Halayeb Triangle.
  21. Protection of Gas line which feed the New capital in Ein Sokhna against flash floods;
  22. Protection of the Electric Plant that provides Electricity to the New Capital in Ein Sokhna;
  23. Protection of infrastructures against flash floods in Wadi Gharandal, South Sinai;
  24. Protection of infrastructures against flash floods and water harvesting in Wadi Abbady,  Aswan;
  25. Protection of Nazlet Umara against flash floods in Sohag Governorate;
  26. Protection of Wadi Al-Saaida against flash floods in Luxor;
  27. Research Project: Assessment of the impact of Upper-Nile projects on the inflow to High Aswan Dam and sedimentation in lake Nasser;
  28. Research Project: Impact of climate change on arid land streams a comparative study on Sinai, Egypt.