Remote Sensing and GIS Mapping Unit

The Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote sensing unit of WRRI uses space technology of Remote sensing and GIS in various research projects. Data from earth observation satellites are used for different application for WRRI’s departments research fields (i.e. surface hydrology, groundwater, Nile basin studies and water resources management and plaining).

The unit is equipped with number of computers  (PCs and Laptops) and workstations to download data, process, geo-reference analyze, classify and for interpretation. Also, there are different color printers which can print maps from A4 to A0 sizes. In addition, the most recent software are used in the analysis such as: ArcGIS 10 (Info and server-work group-), Global Mapper, Map Info, ERDAS imagine and ENVI.

Land use of North Coast (Sedi Barani - Salloum)