Surface water modelling

Hydraulic Models: Surface Water Modeling System (SMS) and River Analysis System (HECRAS-1D) are used to compute the water depth and velocity in channels and to create the floodplain map.

Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) and Gridded Surface Subsurface Hydrologic Analysis (GSSHA) are used to simulate different basins.

HEC-HMS: is designed to simulate the precipitation-runoff processes of dendritic drainage basins. It can be applied for a wide range of geographic areas for solving the widest possible range of problems. This includes large river basin water supply and flood hydrology, and small urban or natural watershed runoff. The model output hydrographs are used directly or in conjunction with other software for studies of water availability, urban drainage, flow forecasting, future urbanization impact, reservoir spillway design, flood damage reduction, floodplain regulation, and systems operation.

HEC-RAS 5.0: is used to perform two-dimensional (2D) flood wave propagation. to map spatial variation of flood depths and velocities, to assess flood risks. The model is also used to design culverts, weirs and bridges; calculations of erosion and sediment transport, and water temperature/water quality modeling